An Overview of Pseudo-SLC NAND

Pseudo-SLC NAND uses MLC NAND in a single bit per cell mode, thereby giving it >6 times the endurance of the same MLC NAND cell used in its traditional two bit per cell operation. Cactus Industrial pSLC uses this pSLC and is an upgrade from our Industrial MLC which uses MLC NAND.

Cactus 240SE Series AES256 Crypto SSD Products

SEDs (Self Encrypted Disk) are now widely available, most SSDs on the market today advertise as having hardware encryption built-in. However, not all SEDs are created the same. Data security is more than just having hardware encryption

S.M.A.R.T. Features for Cactus Technologies Industrial-Grade Flash-Storage Products

S.M.A.R.T. (Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a.k.a. SMART) is a feature set defined by the ANSI ATA Specifications. The feature set consists of a set of commands which allow the host to retrieve information about the storage device's health status. This allows the user to know in advance impending device failures and act accordingly before the device actually fails.

Cactus Technologies Quality and Reliability White Paper

Cactus Technologies is a NAND flash storage manufacturer which offers high quality, reliable products to industrial & OEM customers. This document describes the quality assurance and reliability programs that have been developed to achieve the quality objective and continual improvement of product capability, quality and reliability.