Industrial Grade products have many features and benefits, anyone of which may be the key to the success of a given OEM's application. The generally accepted market definition for Industrial Grade is a product that is based on SLC NAND. However, there is much more to the Cactus Industrial Grade Offering.

While SLC NAND is an important foundation, SLC NAND alone does not ensure a reliable product for Industrial OEM applications. Key design items ensuring reliability in Industrial Grade revolve around the Controller, Firmware Algorithms, Discrete Components used, Additional circuitry for functionality and the physical construction of the Device.

In addition to the Semiconductors, Discrete Components and Device Construction, there a number of intangible characteristics that truly make and Industrial Grade device. The two most important are: Bill-Of-Material (BOM) Control, guaranteeing the product that is qualified is what is received in production - and - Extending the Life Cycle so the same BOM offering is available for as long as possible.

Here's a list of the key Industrial Grade items you should be aware of and review prior to making a decision on flash storage needs in your OEM application.

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