To meet multiple requirements of performance, processor and design considerations, Cactus Technologies designs and manufactures our products in multiple different interfaces. Each interface has multiple form factors to meet the wide variety of OEM requirements.

  • IDE Interface

    While one of the older flash storage interfaces, the IDE interface is still widely used in OEM and Industrial designs today. It’s simple, well understood design and common form factors make it a good choice for new or existing designs.

  • SD Interface

    The low pin count serial bus of the SD interface makes it ideal for small form factor designs. Many of the embedded processors come standard with the SD interface built-in for ease of implementation.

  • SATA Interface

    A high-performance interface commonly used in the embedded OEM market is the SATA interface. With sustained read and write performance >500MB/sec on the SATA III interface products, it will meet almost every OEM requirement.

  • USB Interface

    The USB interface is typically used for removable devices such as the USB Flash Drives. Due to many processors support of the USB bus, some designs have chosen to use an embedded USB module as well.

  • High-Performance PCIe

    The highest-performance interface used for embedded applications. The PCIe performance comes at the cost of heat generation, mitigated by Cactus product versions with heat sinks.