The Locomotive market requires highly reliable flash storage devices which can withstand unexpected power interrupts, wide operating temperature ranges, high shock & vibration and endure many write cycles over a life span of up to 10 years or more. The Cactus Industrial Grade products meet all of these requirements while also providing a locked-BOM (Bill-Of-Material) so what is qualified over many months is the same product which is received in production.

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Write abort caused by unexpected power loss is the most critical issue we experience with flash storage in our Locomotive application. The Cactus products exceeded our expectations with no failures during our extensive qualification testing. - Craig S.

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Advantages of Industrial Flash Storage for Transportation Industry

Logistics required to transport goods and people around the globe is generally taken for granted by people outside this industry. When a person or cargo can arrive within 48 hours to almost anywhere on the planet, some sophisticated systems are performing behind the scenes. There are many different methods of transport including Container Ship, Railway,...

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An Overview of Pseudo-SLC NAND

Pseudo-SLC NAND uses MLC NAND in a single bit per cell mode, thereby giving it >6 times the endurance of the same MLC NAND cell used in its traditional two bit per cell operation. Cactus Industrial pSLC uses this pSLC and is an upgrade from our Industrial MLC which uses MLC NAND.

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