Cactus Technologies Industrial Grade mSATA products are high performance, high reliability and endurance flash storage devices. They are designed with the highest quality SLC NAND for applications which demand data integrity and 100% uptime. The Cactus mSATA (aka Mini-SATA and MO-300) products are designed to the industry standard JEDEC MO300B and SATA-IO group’s specifications.

Our mSATA SLC SSD have been used in numerous industrial applications. They use the SATA interface which is much faster than older Parallel ATA products such as CF and PC Cards. SLC mSATA come with the reliability of SLC NAND which enables our high endurance of >2 Million write cycles per logical block.

Cactus Industrial mSATA are designed to meet the most challenging embedded flash storage requirements. They are available with an optional -45C to 90C extended temperature range version and can be customized to meet specific design needs. If a custom solution is required, please contact a Cactus expert.

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