Industrial Embedded Systems need for reliable flash data storage

The term Embedded System in general is a computer system that performs a specific function as part of a more elaborate electrical or mechanical system. This differs from the Personal Computer (PC) which is a general purpose computing device that can be used for many different applications.

Since many embedded systems perform a very simple task well, they may or may not require a large amount of computing power. In many cases an inexpensive microcontroller can be used. For higher end applications, a digital signal processor (DSP) or mainstream Intel or AMD processor may be needed.

The use models for embedded systems run from consumer applications to mission critical industrial applications. Some require a large amount of data storage and others do not.

Examples of consumer systems would be mobile phones, digital cameras, printers and GPS systems. Industrial applications can be cellular base stations, aircraft flight control systems, process control systems and many others.

Regardless of the specific application carried out by the embedded system, a thorough analysis by the system designer should be made to determine the requirements of the memory device being used.

Many usage models scream out for more reliable Industrial Grade Flash Memory Storage Solutions.

Prime candidates include data storage subjected to extensive writing over a long period of time, extreme temperature and high shock and vibration environments, medical and telecom equipment needing 100% uptime.

Some key applications for industrial grade memory:

  • Data logging devices which can be in rugged or benign environments
  • Video capture systems for transportation
  • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Outdoor Signage
  • Avionics and Satellite Systems
  • Mining Vehicles and Equipment
  • Heart Rate Monitors
  • Defibrillator
  • Cellular Base Stations
  • Central Office Systems

For less demanding applications, where there is not a heavy write load, temperature doesn’t reach extreme levels and is not used in a severe environment, Industrial MLC Flash Storage may be a good fit.

The Cactus staff has seen large numbers of applications for flash data storage over the years and is available to assist you if you have any questions. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your application further.

Steve Larrivee has over 30 year's experience in the data storage market, including 5 years at Seagate Technology and 10 years at SanDisk. He joined Cactus Technologies Limited as an equity partner and Co-Founded Cactus USA in 2007 with partner Tom Aguillon. Learn more about Steve on LinkedIn.