Global NAND Flash Market Share and Revenue

Source: DRAMeXchange

I just saw the most recent NAND Supplier market share numbers and thought it would be interesting for others. A key point is the market share for SanDisk is now appearing by itself as of Q4 2013. Previously this was either reported as part of Toshiba’s percentage or not reported.

Total NAND Revenue by Year

Source: DRAMeXchange

This chart shows the total NAND flash revenue by year from 2010 to 2014. The $28 Billion number for 2014 is an estimate, but it is likely conservative since revenue from Q1 - Q3 2014 is already at $23.47 Billion. Based on the trend, 2014 should finish with a record number in the $29 - 31 Billion range.

NAND Revenue by Supplier Q3 2014

Source: DRAMeXchange

This chart shows the NAND revenue by supplier for the latest reported quarter - Q3 2014. This gives you an idea who the main players are in this market. Samsung leads the charge, but Toshiba and SanDisk, in second and third place, produce their NAND flash at a joint facility in Japan.

I hope you appreciate the above data. Have a great new year!!

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