Application Spotlight - Tough - Embedded Computers by Syslogic

The embedded computers by Syslogic are used wherever conditions are particularly difficult. Whether it be in web applications, in traffic control systems or in tunnel construction. Since the best embedded computer is useless if the built-in memory fails, Syslogic primarily relies on SSD (solid state drive) by Cactus Technologies.Salt-carrying air, oil or dust, extreme temperature fluctuations, vibrations and/or shocks – these kinds of environmental factors usually mean devastation for electronics and especially for a computer system.

The causes are varied. Salt-carrying air, for instance, can mean corrosion inside the computer, which may then lead to malfunctions. If dust enters the industrial unit because of a leak in the housing, it could cause sudden failure. Another reason for the failure of computers that are exposed to vibrations can be improper connectors or storage media. In addition, extreme temperatures create difficult operating conditions for the average device – like difficulties starting when it is cold, or even permanent damage to electronics under sustained high heat conditions. Even industrial computers are often no match for these conditions.

Early failures are the result. This means loss of revenue, frustration and anger – in the worst case, even the endangerment of human life.

Developed and manufactured for extreme situations: Syslogic industrial computers

There are a number of applications that demand using an industrial computer, which is able to run reliably even under the most extreme conditions. This includes their incorporation into construction equipment, special-purpose vehicles, mining and railway applications, as well as their use in the maritime environment.For such applications, the European embedded specialist Syslogic delivers the right equipment. Industrial computers withstand heat, cold, shock and vibration. This is achieved by the lack of moving parts as well as by careful component selection, robust housing and sophisticated test methods.

Crux point: memory – Syslogic relies on Cactus SSD storage

Obviously, the best industrial computer is useless if the built-in memory fails. Hard disks are not an option because of their vulnerability to shocks and vibrations. Syslogic uses exclusively SSD storage (solid state drives). In order for the SSD memory to withstand harsh use in industrial environments, Syslogic has chosen to use the SLC memory cards (single level cell) of Cactus Technologies. These are among the most reliable on the market. That is because Cactus uses the largest Toshiba 43nm NAND flash cells that are available. These are much more robust and durable than are the smaller flash cells that are used by other manufacturers. In addition, Cactus offers elaborate security features, such as ECC (error correction code), wear leveling or write abort handling. As a result, the reliability and durability of the flash cards is improved further.Raphael Binder, Product Manager at Syslogic, says: "Like Syslogic, Cactus has committed itself to one hundred percent of the industry." Accordingly, Cactus and Syslogic have enjoyed a successful collaboration for years, Binder says.

By default, Syslogic equips all its products with Cactus SLC memories. Syslogic industrial computers are used worldwide in different industrial sectors. Raphael Binder says: "The Cactus flash memories stand the test of time – even under extreme conditions."

Syslogic supplies industrial computers embedded PCs, single board computers and touch panel computers for demanding industrial use. These are used in areas such as machining and automotive engineering as well as traffic and train technology.

Syslogic is one of the few companies in the embedded branch that develops and assembles all of its embedded computers and touch panel computers itself.

The company, with headquarter in Switzerland and subsidiaries in Germany, has its own development team, construction and two manufacturing sites with in-house SMD assembly. This in-house manufacturing, connected with over 30 years of experience in the embedded market, makes Syslogic a reliable partner. Above all when it concerns the need for customized modifications.

Steve Larrivee has over 30 year's experience in the data storage market, including 5 years at Seagate Technology and 10 years at SanDisk. He joined Cactus Technologies Limited as an equity partner and Co-Founded Cactus USA in 2007 with partner Tom Aguillon. Learn more about Steve on LinkedIn.