Western Digital (SIlicon Systems) Cross Reference

Western Digital’s (previously Silicon Systems) discontinuation of their embedded OEM flash storage products, has prompted many OEMs to search for a viable replacement. Cactus Technologies delivers the same or superior BOM Control, quality, reliability and support as WD and is the ideal replacement.

Below is a Table with the WD base model number and the Cactus Series of product replacement. By clicking on the WD base model number, you will be taken to a page with the more detailed WD configurations and the specific Cactus replacement part number.

If you have any questions, please contact a Cactus Expert.

WD ModelCactus SeriesCacpacity
SSD-C01G-3800303 Series1GB
SSD-C01G-4500303 Series1GB
SSD-C01G-4600303 Series1GB
SSD-C01GI-3800303 Series1GB
SSD-C01GI-4500303 Series1GB
SSD-C01GI-4600303 Series1GB
SSD-C02G-3800303 Series2GB
SSD-C02G-4500303 Series2GB
SSD-C02G-4600303 Series2GB
SSD-C02GI-3800303 Series2GB
SSD-C02GI-4500303 Series2GB
SSD-C02GI-4600303 Series2GB
SSD-C04G-3800303 Series4GB
SSD-C04G-4500303 Series4GB
SSD-C04G-4600303 Series4GB
SSD-C04GI-3800303 Series4GB
SSD-C04GI-4500303 Series4GB
SSD-C04GI-4600303 Series4GB
SSD-C08G-3800303 Series8GB
SSD-C08G-4500303 Series8GB
SSD-C08G-4600303 Series8GB
SSD-C08GI-3800303 Series8GB
SSD-C08GI-4500303 Series8GB
SSD-C08GI-4600303 Series8GB
SSD-C12M-3800303 Series128MB
SSD-C12M-4500303 Series128MB
SSD-C12M-4600303 Series128MB
SSD-C12MI-3800303 Series128MB
SSD-C12MI-4500303 Series128MB
SSD-C12MI-4600303 Series128MB
SSD-C16G-4500303 Series16GB
SSD-C16GI-4500303 Series16GB
SSD-C25M-3800303 Series256MB
SSD-C25M-4500303 Series256MB
SSD-C25M-4600303 Series256MB
SSD-C25MI-3800303 Series256MB
SSD-C25MI-4500303 Series256MB
SSD-C25MI-4600303 Series256MB
SSD-C51M-3800303 Series512MB
SSD-C51M-4500303 Series512MB
SSD-C51M-4600303 Series512MB
SSD-C51MI-3800303 Series512MB
SSD-C51MI-4500303 Series512MB
SSD-C51MI-4600303 Series512MB