Industrial Grade IDE DOM

Cactus Technologies Industrial Grade IDE DOM (Disk-On-Module) are highly reliable, high endurance flash storage devices. They are designed with the highest quality SLC NAND for applications which demand data integrity and 100% uptime. The IDE DOM form factor was created to attach directly to either a 40 or 44 pin IDE motherboard connector.

Cactus offers several varieties and configurations of Industrial Grade IDE DOM below to meet different application needs. Each product has an optional -45C to 90C extended temperature range version. If a custom solution is required, please contact a Cactus expert.

IDE DOM Features

  • Highly reliable flash storage in a simply IDE plug-in module
  • 40 and 44-pin devices with multiple configurations to meet any OEM’s requirements

SLC IDE Disk On Module Configurations

Cactus offers two Families of the SLC IDE DOM products – the 203 and 303 Series. A breakdown of Available configurations is in the table below:

SLC IDE DOM Series40-Pin Vertical IDE DOM40-Pin Horizontal Left IDE DOM40-Pin Horizontal Right IDE DOM40-Pin Vertical IDE DOM44-Pin Horizontal Left IDE DOM44-Pin Horizontal Right IDE DOM
203 SeriesX  X  
303 SeriesXXXXXX

Industrial Grade IDE DOM Usage in System

To describe better what an IDE DOM (Disk-On-Module) is and how it is used in an application we created the following Blog Post with a detailed explanation: