Industrial Grade CFast

Cactus Technologies Industrial Grade CFast products are high performance, high reliability and endurance flash storage devices. They are designed with the highest quality SLC NAND for applications which demand data integrity and 100% uptime. The Cactus CFast products are designed to the industry standard CompactFlash Association and SATA-IO group’s specifications.

Cactus Industrial Grade CFast are designed to meet the most challenging embedded flash storage requirements. They are available with an optional -45C to 90C extended temperature range version and can be customized to meet specific design needs. If a custom solution is required, please contact a Cactus expert.

CFast Features

  • High performance, reliable flash storage in industry standard CFast form factor
  • Ideal embedded flash solution for applications requiring small high performance storage

Physical Write Protect Switch CFast

Cactus Industrial Grade CFast cards are available with a Physical Write Protect Switch (-WP1 suffix) option in the 900S CFast Series.

When the switch on the bottom rail of the CFast is in the disabled postion the card can be read and written to normally. However, when the write protect switch is enabled, the card can only be read - any writes are not processed.

More details are in the 900S CFast product manual or feel free to contact a Cactus Expert.

Cactus SLC CFast highly reliable during unexpected power loss:

After thoroughly testing of the Cactus 900S Series Industrial CFast and competitive products from several major manufacturers our data shows the Cactus Industrial CFast handles write aborts best.

A write abort occurs when the SLC CFast losses power during a write process. This is particularly dangerous for flash storage devices which are updating internal meta data. If the meta data is corrupted, the card will no longer be usable.

Cactus 900S Series Industrial Grade CFast have a number of key advantages. First, there is no added DRAM cache. Data in DRAM cache is susceptible to loss during unexpected power loss. Second, the controller is designed primarily for reliability and not for cost or performance alone. Utmost care is taken to ensure internal meta data is not corrupted.

Finally, the controller silicon, NAND silicon and firmware are locked down, which means there will not be any bugs introduced by regularly changing code or silicon.

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