The Encryption market requires highly secure flash storage devices which can withstand attacks from current and future methods. The Cactus Crypto SSD, both Internal and External versions, provide AES256 encryption with FIPS140-2 validation.

Our Crypto SSD are available in standard (0C to 70C) or extended (-40C to 85C) operating temps and ideal for data security in rugged environments.

Many of our products appeal to Encryption Market. Learn more about our encryption products below or begin browsing all Cactus products.

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FIPS 140-2 Validated SSD with AES256 Encryption Key to Secure Data

Data Security is an important topic with more and more data being stored digitally and needing protection from unwanted access. Breaches range from individuals’ identity theft to large corporations’ loss of credit card information and credit reporting data. This article sorts out some of the details of the encryption methods recommended and used for Top...

The Critical Nature of Certification for AES256 Encrypted SSD

You’ve decided you need advanced encryption for your application or project, but how do you know you are selecting the right SSD? The encryption certification excerpt below from our 240SE Series CryptoSSD Product White Paper details how products should be certified to guarantee you have a secure product. Encryption Certification: When it comes to the...

Crypto SSD Encryption Key Exchange Methods

In order to perform encryption/decryption, an encryption key is required. In the following discussion, we will refer to this as the DEK (Device Encryption Key). There are various ways in which the DEK can be provided to the device, we will discuss a few of these methods below. Self Generated Permanent Key: In this method,...

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Cactus 240SE Series AES256 Crypto SSD Products

SEDs (Self Encrypted Disk) are now widely available, most SSDs on the market today advertise as having hardware encryption built-in. However, not all SEDs are created the same. Data security is more than just having hardware encryption

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