Learn the 101 of Solid State Drives

"A great primer for the basics of SSD operation"

Rich Nass - Executive Vice President

OpenSystems Media/Embedded Computing Design

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Section 1

The Basic NAND Flash Cell

  • What does a NAND Cell look like?
  • How to Read a NAND Cell
  • How to Write a NAND Cell
  • How to Erase a NAND Cell
  • NAND Cell life

Section 2


  • How MLC and TLC store more than one bit per cell
  • Voltage Level in SLC, MLC and TLC NAND Cells

Section 3

NAND Flash - Strings and Arrays

  • Diagram of a Single NAND Flash Cell
  • Combining Individual NAND Flash Cells into a String
  • Combining NAND Strings into Arrays