Cactus Technologies, Ltd. Now offering Custom Features on Industrial and Industrial MLC Flash Storage Devices

Cactus Technologies Limited has now begun offering custom feature sets for OEMs needing something more than an off the shelf flash storage device.

Joseph Chang, VP of Engineering remarked, “Many customers applications need special features in the flash card not offered by off the shelf products. From simple items such as custom labels, preloaded content and configuration settings to complete custom firmware builds where appropriate.”

Listed below are a number of Custom Features Cactus Technologies offers on their Industrial Grade and Industrial MLC Flash Storage Devices:

  • Custom Labels - CompactFlash, SD Card, SSDs, microSD
  • Set Manufacturer ID to customer's request
  • Screen beyond extended temp range to >110C and <55C
  • Lock BOM permanently by bonding inventory for a specific customer
  • Preload Customer Content
  • Custom partitioning
  • Set Specific Parameters to customer request
  • Create special set of Serial Numbers unique to a customer
  • Military Erasure, Write Protect, Custom Erase, etc.
  • Custom Firmware builds to meet specific customer needs
  • Custom form factor and interface designs

Steve Larrivee, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, added, " From our Industrial Grade CompactFlash cards to our Industrial MLC SATA III SSD, with the above customization items, Cactus Tech offers unmatched service to meet our customers' needs."