Cactus Technologies, Ltd. Launches Industrial Grade SATAChip

Cactus Technologies, Ltd. is announcing a new embedded Industrial Grade SATA device called SATAChip. SATAChip is available in capacities from 1GB through 16GB and has a DIP package design making it the most rugged SATA device in the market.

Sai-Ying Ng, President of Cactus Technologies Ltd. said, “We continue to have requests for an extremely rugged SATA interface device that solders the PCB. With the Industrial Grade SATAChip, we exceed the demand of the highest specifications requested.”

The Cactus Technologies SATAChip offers the following features:

  • Bill-Of-Material Control
  • Long Life Cycles
  • >2M Endurance Cycles per block
  • Altitude spec of 100,000 feet
  • Powerful Industrial ECC and Defect Management
  • 4M Hour Mean Time Between Failure
  • 3000G Shock; 30G Vibration
  • Based on SLC (Single Level Cell) NAND Memory

Joseph Chang, Vice President of Engineering, remarked, "The SATAChip meets the most demanding conditions in the market for industrial grade flash data storage. Available in 1GB to 16GB capacities, it allows fast, extremely reliable storage to be soldered to the board.”