Cactus Technologies, Ltd. Launches Industrial Grade CompactFlash cards

Cactus Technologies, Ltd. today announced the launch of its first generation of flash memory cards in the CompactFlash form factor, a rugged, long life cycle flash memory storage card directed toward the needs of the Industrial customer base.

The industry standard Industrial CompactFlash form factor cards will be sold in multiple capacities from 32 megabytes (MB) up to two gigabytes (GB) (a), and incorporate the key features desired by Industrial customers while meeting all the industry standard physical and electrical specifications of the CompactFlash Association.

Sai-Ying Ng, President of Cactus Technologies, said, "A void in the market has occurred as the mainstream flash memory card producers’ transition their offerings for consumer applications. During this transition, they have abandoned the needs of the Industrial customer base since consumer applications have very low endurance, life-cycle and reliability requirements. Cactus Technologies introduced a new line of Industrial Compact Flash cards to address these requirements while adhering to all of the CompactFlash specifications so there will be no interoperability issues. “

The Cactus Tech Industrial CF cards have all been designed with a Long Life Cycle, which permits OEM customers to focus on their core business rather than continually having to qualify flash cards due to controller and memory changes. High Write Endurance of > 2 million write cycles per logical block is ideal for use in disk-like applications vs. a typical consumer card of < 100,000. Our industry leading Shock specification of 3,000 G and Vibration of 30G peak-to-peak make the Cactus CF cards dependable in even the most rugged environments. Finally, Cactus offers an extended temperature range option that is guaranteed down to -45C (-49 Fahrenheit) and up to +90C (194 Fahrenheit) for applications encountering extreme conditions.

Joseph Chang, Vice President of Engineering, stated, "One of the key differentiators of Cactus Technology CF cards is our bottoms up design for the Industrial market. We spent months designing the CompactFlash cards to meet even the most critical customer’s needs. We are currently designing a number of other form factors to address the needs of this market as well.”

The CompactFlash cards are available in densities of 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB and 2GB today. Cards have versions to support fixed or removable modes and can have the DMA mode disabled to meet some legacy system requirements. Please contact Cactus Technologies for more details and pricing.