Cactus Technologies Ltd. Launches Industrial Grade CFast with Physical Write Protect Switch

Cactus Technologies Limited today announced they have launched an Industrial Grade CFast card with a physical write protect switch in their 602 Series product family. When the switch is in the write protect position, no writes to the SLC CFast will be allowed ensuring there will be no data overwritten or corrupted.

“This write protect switch offering in our 602 Series Industrial CFast cards offers customers the ability to physically stop writes to the card. This meets the need for applications which require a visual indicator the Industrial Grade CFast is in write protect mode.” said Sai-Ying Ng, President of Cactus Technologies Ltd.

The Cactus Technologies 602 Series Industrial Grade CFast with a Physical Write Protect Switch offers the following features:

  • Industry Standard CF Type 1 Form Factor
  • Card Capacities 1GB to 32GB
  • >2 Million Endurance Cycles per block
  • Supports SATA I (1.5Gbits/sec) and SATA II (3.0Gbits/sec) transfer rates
  • Sustained Read Speeds up to 85Mbytes/sec
  • Sustained Write Speeds up to 80Mbytes/sec
  • Locked BOM Control
  • Supports Traceability Barcode
  • Solid State Design With No Moving Part
  • Long Life Cycles
  • High Shock & Vibration Tolerances
  • Wide (-45C to 90C) Operating Temperature Range Available
  • 4 Million Hour MTBF
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Physical Write Protect Switch:
  • Disables all writes when switch in write protect position

Joseph Chang, Vice President of Engineering, commented, "The Physical Write Protect Switch feature of our new Industrial Grade CFast enables new application possibilities for OEMs. Please contact us for more details.”