Cactus Technologies, Ltd. Launches 303 Series Industrial Disk On Module in Multiple Configurations

Cactus Technologies, Ltd. today announced they have launched an IDE Disk-On-Module form factor in their 303 Series of High Performance Industrial Flash Storage Devices. The Disk-On-Modules come with a full Industrial feature set and are available in 6 different configurations to fit most host IDE interfaces.

“The Industrial IDE Disk-On-Module (DOM) is the latest form factor in our High Performance Industrial 303 Series product family. In addition to increasing the performance and specs over our 203 Series, we are now offering 6 different physical configurations. In both 40 and 44 pin versions, we continue to offer our vertical DOM, but have now added a horizontal right and left configuration to satisfy low profile system designs,” said Sai-Ying Ng, President of Cactus Technologies Ltd.

The 303 Series Disk-On-Module is a space saving version of Solid State Drive (SSD) that plugs directly into the IDE connector on host system motherboards. Connecting to the host IDE connector eliminates the need for an IDE cable and SSD mounting allowing for the smallest implementation of a Solid State Drive in the host.

The Cactus SLC IDE DOM have from 128MB – 8GB1 of storage capacity, high performance interface, BOM Control and long life cycles, >2 Million endurance cycles per block, industry leading ECC, Wear Leveling and Defect Mgmt, Altitude spec of 100K feet, flash power down and write abort protection and a 4 Million hour MTBF. Configurations Available:

  • Vertical - 40 or 44 pin IDE DOM
  • Horizontal Left - 44 or 40 pin IDE DOM
  • Horizontal Right - 40 or 44 pin IDE DOM

Joseph Chang, Vice President of Engineering, added, "The Disk-On-Module allows customers with the smallest space available to add up to 8GB of Industrial Solid State Storage. Our Applications Engineering and Sales support team can assist with determining which Disk-On-Module best meets your needs.”