Cactus Technologies, Ltd. Joins CompactFlash Association

Cactus Technologies, Ltd. today announced they have joined the CompactFlash Association (CFA). Membership in the CFA will assist Cactus Technologies Ltd. as they continue designing and manufacturing the most rugged industrial CompactFlash products while at the same time ensuring compatibility, interoperability, reliability and performance.

Sai-Ying Ng, President of Cactus Technologies, said, "We have always adhered to the CompactFlash Association specifications when designing and manufacturing our products. By becoming a member of the CFA and using the CFA logo and Trademark on our reliable Compact Flash products, we are able to show our customers that our CompactFlash cards meet all of the CF specifications.”

CompactFlash® is a very small removable mass storage device. First introduced in 1994, CF™ cards weigh a half ounce and are the size of a matchbook. They provide complete PCMCIA-ATA functionality and compatibility plus TrueIDE functionality compatible with ATA/ATAPI-4. At 43mm (1.7") x 36mm (1.4") x 3.3mm (0.13"), the device's thickness is less than one-half of a current PCMCIA Type II card. It is actually one-fourth the volume of a PCMCIA card. Compared to a 68-pin PCMCIA card, a CF card has 50 pins but still conforms to PCMCIA ATA specs. It can be easily slipped into a passive 68-pin Type II adapter card that fully meets PCMCIA electrical and mechanical interface specifications.

Bill Frank, Executive Director of the CompactFlash Association, added: “The CompactFlash Association welcomes Cactus Technologies Ltd. to our organization. The Cactus Technology Industrial CF cards are a clear example of adding features to the standard CF specification to create products for customers demanding extremely rugged and reliable products. The Cactus Technology Industrial CF cards have passed the certification tests and are approved to carry the logo and Trademark of the CFA.”

The CompactFlash Association is a non-profit, mutual-benefit corporation that promotes adoption of CompactFlash as a worldwide, ultra-small, removable storage and I/O standard for capturing and transporting digital data, audio and images and performing I/O functionality such as modems, Ethernet, serial, BlueTooth wireless, laser scanning, etc. The CFA, which makes the CompactFlash and CF(logo) trademarks and CF & CompactFlash Technical Specification available royalty-free to member companies, is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA.