Cactus Technologies Ltd. Best in Class Handling of Write Abort and Power Interruption

Based on customer feedback, Cactus Technologies Limited affirms they have best in class handling of Write Abort and Unexpected Power Interruption on their Industrial Grade Flash Storage products. This includes the Cactus Industrial Grade CF, Industrial Grade PC Card, Industrial Grade IDE SSD, Industrial Grade SATA SSD and Industrial Grade SD Card products.

“Many OEMs have systems which operate in environments with unreliable power, such as battery operated devices or devices in heavy Industrial or remote applications. The Cactus Industrial Grade Flash Storage Devices have best in class handling of unexpected power interruption and brown out conditions.” said Steve Larrivee, VP Sales and Marketing for Cactus Technologies Ltd.

The majority of the Cactus Industrial Grade Flash Storage Devices have a small buffer which puts a limited amount of data at risk. With the addition of specially designed firmware and hardware circuitry, the affects of unexpected power interruption, brown out and write abort are minimized.

For our 700 Series Industrial Grade SATA SSD, in addition to our specially design firmware and hardware, Cactus uses a Super Cap design to minimize affects of power interruption and protect data on the larger volatile DRAM cache.

Joseph Chang, Vice President of Engineering, commented, "Several Cactus customers have tested the Cactus Industrial Grade Flash Storage Devices against our competitors and concluded the Cactus Industrial Grade products were far superior in uncertain power environments. As a result they have selected to use the Cactus products.”