Cactus Technologies Launches New 270P Series High Performance M.2 PCIe Module

Cactus Technologies today released a New High Performance PCIe M.2 in the 2280 form factor. These highly reliable Native NVMe interface flash storage devices, with performance up to 1.6GB/sec are available in capacities from 128GB to 1TB.

They are designed for Embedded OEM Applications which require an ultra-thin module compatible with the PCIe interface. All products have Locked BOM Control, High Performance, Rugged Construction and advanced Wear Leveling, ECC and Defect Management as OEMs have come to expect from Cactus Technologies.

Sai-Ying Ng, President and CEO of Cactus commented, “At up to 1.6GB/s, the 270P Series PCIe M.2 is our highest performance offering so far at Cactus. The speeds of this small, thin form factor device will enable many embedded OEM applications.”

Cactus 270P Series PCIe M.2 2280 Module features:

  • Industry Standard M.2 2280 form factor
  • PCI Express Gen3 x4 Configuration
  • Capacities from 128GB to 1TB
  • High Endurance 3D TLC NAND
  • Compliant with PCI Express (ver. 3.1) & NVMExpress (ver. 1.3)
  • Sustained Read: 1.4GB/s to 1.6GB/s (based on capacity)
  • Sustained Write: 500MB/s to 1.4GB/s (based on capacity)
  • Standard 0C to 70C Operating Temp
  • TBW: 128GB – 384TB / 258GB – 768TB / 512GB – 1536TB / 1TB – 3072TB
  • Locked BOM (Bill-Of-Material) Control
  • 3000G Shock; 20G Vibration
  • LDPC error correction & End-to-End Data Path protection
  • Supports NVMe defined SMART attributes
  • Heat Spreader for Thermal Management

Joseph Chang, Vice President of Engineering, added, "We are using a High Endurance version of the 3D TLC NAND combined with a high performance and reliability controller technology on this part. There are detailed specifications available along with technical assistance for new OEM designs.”

For 15 years, Cactus Technologies has been supporting OEMs Worldwide with the highest reliability Industrial Embedded Flash Storage Products using industry leading controller technology and industrial strength flash memory.

Our Industrial products enable OEM’s systems to operate without a fault in the harshest and most mission critical environments. In addition, Cactus offers Industrial MLC embedded products based on MLC NAND, which have Locked-BOM and Extended Life Cycles for budget limited applications.