Free Needs Analysis Uncovers Need for Industrial Grade Products

Cactus offers a free needs analysis to OEMs designing or experiencing issues with an existing embedded memory solution to verify if they’re using the correct memory solution for their application.

The Challenge

An OEM had been using an off the shelf Compact Flash card in their application which required a device capable of a heavy load of writing. They were experiencing a high rate of failures and asked Cactus to review their storage requirements.

Product Needed

The Cactus Technologies 303 Series Compact Flash card, with its industrial grade feature set including high endurance write cycles met this OEM’s requirement.

Why They Chose Cactus

Cactus was chosen since we were able to quickly analyze and resolve this OEM’s issue. Samples were provided and verified the recommended solution in their application.

We delivered because of our:

Free Needs Analysis
Industrial Grade Compact Flash Cards – The Cactus Industrial Grade products resolve many reliability issues in host systems which are experiencing issues with off the shelf memory cards. Learn more about Cactus Industrial Grade & other features in Industrial Grade versus Commercial Grade.