OEM Flash Storage Solution

Cactus supplies many OEMs in a wide number of markets. Some of their needs vary widely, but they generally all need a steady supply of quality products delivered on time at competitive pricing.

Below are some of the main attributes which make Cactus Technologies the ideal supplier for companies in the market for OEM flash storage solutions.

Supply Chain Flexibility

Cactus controls the Bill-Of-Material and manufacturing process for all products produced. In addition, we are able to stock components and other BOM items to ensure we have no disruption in supply for an OEM’s program. For extended life of a product we are capable of bonding material to an OEM for an addition few months to years if it is determined that is what is needed.

Sampling and Qualification

As part of our mission to deliver total customer satisfaction to the OEM, we generally sample a product to the OEM to qualify prior to receiving production volumes. Our pre and post sales and engineering support assist with this process. Once a product is qualified, Cactus will not change the customer’s BOM without notice and approval.

High Quality & Reliability

Cactus products are designed with quality as the foremost characteristic. We have a quality organization which maintains multiple certifications to ensure the most reliable products arrive at the OEM when promised.

Customization & Unique Features

OEMs are not limited by the off-the-shelf offering of Cactus. We can do minor or major customization as needed and agreed upon. We also offer many unique features that can address common issues we’ve seen over the years from our OEM customer base.

Broad Product Breadth of Industrial and Commercial Flash Storage Solutions

Cactus offers many form factors and interfaces of flash storage devices in both Industrial and Commercial Grade varieties. We are also capable of creating a specific product for applications that require something different from our off-the-shelf products.

Markets Supported

The Cactus products are ideal for the Aerospace, Automotive, POS Display, Gaming, Healthcare, Military, Heavy Industrial and Telecom markets. While these are markets that are attracted to our highly reliable products and exceptional support, we are open to supporting applications in other industries.

Certifications & Associations

Cactus is certified and manufactures all products under ISO9001:2008; in addition we are currently supplying products under one of the most stringent quality standards of TS16949 for the automotive market. Cactus is also a member of and/or adheres to many industry associations such as CompactFlash Association, SD Card Association, SATA IO Group; USB Implementer’s forum and others.