Cactus Technologies understands many OEMs require additional features or functionality in their flash storage devices than what is available off the shelf. We offer no-charge consultation to determine the best solution for a customer’s need and what would be required to accomplish this task.

In all cases, we provide a first article "master sample" for the customer to verify it meets their needs exactly prior to production. Once qualified, there is generally no additional lead time for production.

Below are a list of customization features we regularly produce for many of our customers:

Custom Labeling

Cactus can produce any of our products with custom labeling based on customer provided artwork. There is a slight lead time for the initial label setup, but beyond this production units can be purchased within our standard lead time.

Custom Laser Etching

The USB Flash Drives can be laser etched with the customer’s logo, part number or other details desired.

Custom Parameters/ID/etc.

If an OEM would like the card ID to be their own brand versus "Cactus" we can set the mfg ID at time of manufacture to the OEM’s requirements. Other parameters, including serial numbers can also be set at time of manufacture.

Format Load

Some legacy systems require a specific "non-standard" format on the cards or they will not be recognized or function properly. Once the proper format is determined, Cactus can provide production units that "plug and play" in almost every legacy system.

Preloaded Content

Cactus preloads a number of customer’s data image onto the cards prior to shipment. We can preload as little as a few Megabytes or load content to the entire card.

Screening to Extreme High Temps

The Cactus extended temperature products are rated at -45C to 90C operating. For OEMs looking for operating temperatures higher than 90C, Cactus can and has screen tested products to > 125C. Bring us your challenge.

Custom Firmware Features

If you need a special feature that can only be implemented through custom firmware, Cactus can help. We've resolved a number of OEM's issues by creating custom erasure, write protect, timing and other functions. We can perform a Needs Analysis upon request.

Screening to Extreme Low Temps

The Cactus extended temperature products are rated at -45C to 90C operating. For OEMs looking for operating temperatures below this range, Cactus can and has screen tested products to < -55C. Bring us your challenge.

Custom Product Design

For a ground up custom device design and manufacture, Cactus has all the capabilities necessary. If interested, Contact us to discuss further.

Conformal Coating

To meet the harsh environmental requirements of some applications, OEMs need a protective coating applied over the PCB and components. Cactus offers conformal coating on all our product lines.

Custom Packaging

Many OEM's products need to arrive in a special box or master carton or need special barcode labeling. Bring your specifications to Cactus and we will setup a system to accommodate your needs.

Low Power Version

If the current power specifications are too high for a particular OEM's application, in many cases we can create a product which uses less power. A review of the OEM's application and requirements is the first step to determine the feasibility of a solution.