Solid State Drive 101 EBook Now Available With No Cost or Registration

Cactus Technologies just published the Solid State Drive 101 EBook, which is comprised of 30 pages of in depth information which clearly illustrates and details basic to more advanced features of Solid State Drives.

The SSD EBook is a great primer for students, engineers or anyone who wants a better understanding of SSD and their differences. Best of all, no registration or payment is required to download.


Solid State Drives 101 EBook - Download Page

The EBook describes solid state drives from the basic NAND cell and architecture to controller architecture and functions. This free SSD resource is broken into 13 different sections as depicted below.

SSD Introduction:

· The Basic NAND Flash Cell

· SLC, MLC and TLC NAND Flash

SSD NAND Architecture:

· NAND Strings and Arrays

· NAND Pages & Blocks

· NAND Planes and Die

· NAND Component Packaging

SSD Controller Architecture:

· Basic Controller Overview

· Controller Channels and Banks

· Controller Block Diagram

SSD Controller Functions:

· SSD Controller Wear Leveling

· SSD Controller Garbage Collection

· SSD Controller TRIM Command

· SSD Controller Over-Provisioning

For over 10 years, Cactus Technologies has been supporting OEMs Worldwide with the highest reliability Industrial Embedded Flash Storage Products using industry leading controller technology and industrial strength flash memory.