Complimentary Solid State Drive 101 Educational Series

Cactus Technologies, Ltd. just published the “Solid State Drive 101: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know” series of 13 educational articles to help people better understand SSD.

These articles describe solid state drives from the basic NAND cell and architecture to controller architecture and functions. With no registration required, it is a great resource.

Solid State Drives 101: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

SSD Introduction:

  • The Basic NAND Flash Cell
  • SLC, MLC and TLC NAND Flash

SSD NAND Architecture:

  • NAND Strings and Arrays
  • NAND Pages & Blocks
  • NAND Planes and Die
  • NAND Component Packaging

SSD Controller Architecture:

  • Basic Controller Overview
  • Controller Channels and Banks
  • Controller Block Diagram

SSD Controller Functions:

  • SSD Controller Wear Leveling
  • SSD Controller Garbage Collection
  • SSD Controller TRIM Command
  • SSD Controller Over-Provisioning

Steve Larrivee, Cactus VP Sales & Mktg, said, “The SSD 101 Educational Series is a step by step explanation how Solid State Drives work. It is clearly written and illustrated to answer many questions people have about SSD.”

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