STEC Cross Reference

STEC’s discontinuation of their embedded OEM flash storage products, has prompted many OEMs to search for a viable replacement. Cactus Technologies delivers the same high level of BOM Control, quality, reliability and support as STEC and is the ideal replacement.

Below is a Table with the STEC base model number and the Cactus Series of product replacement. By clicking on the STEC base model number, you will be taken to a page with the more detailed STEC configurations and the specific Cactus replacement part number.

STEC ModelCactus SeriesCacpacity
SLCF128M2TU303 Series128MB
SLCF128M2TUI303 Series128MB
SLCF16GM2TU303 Series16GB
SLCF16GM2TUI303 Series16GB
SLCF1GM2TU303 Series1GB
SLCF1GM2TUI303 Series1GB
SLCF256M2TU303 Series256MB
SLCF256M2TUI303 Series256MB
SLCF2GM2TU303 Series2GB
SLCF2GM2TUI303 Series2GB
SLCF4GM2TU303 Series4GB
SLCF4GM2TUI303 Series4GB
SLCF512M2TU303 Series512MB
SLCF512M2TUI303 Series512MB
SLCF8GM2TU303 Series8GB
SLCF8GM2TUI303 Series8GB