Cactus Technologies Industrial MLC mSATA SSD drives are reliable, cost-effective flash storage devices based on MLC NAND. They are intended for applications that demand high performance in a rugged, small footprint form factor guaranteed to MIL-810 Standard shock and vibration.

The best mSATA SSD meets the OEM's application requirements for reliability and longevity while providing a price point that doesn't throw the project over budget. MSATA drives have a physical size of 50.8 x 29.85mm, making them a great solution for small form factor designs.

The Cactus MLC mSATA (aka miniSATA) drive is designed to industry standard JEDEC MO-300B and SATA-IO group’s specifications with life cycles in the 36-48 month range. For longer life cycle OEM system requirements, Cactus can review the application with the OEM and possibly extend this life cycle range. These MLC mSATA Modules have Locked BOM (Bill-Of-Material), signifying no changes to controller silicon, NAND silicon, or firmware without notification.

If a substantially higher endurance, wider operating temperature range, or longer life cycle product than the MLC mSATA is needed, Cactus also offers Industrial Grade mSATA products.