240 Series SD Card

The Cactus Technologies 240 Series Commercial Grade SD card is a solid-state flash memory device based on 15nm MLC NAND that complies with the SD Association standard. It is available in capacities from 8GBytes to 128GBytes and intended for OEM applications needing a cost effective part with very good performance.

The 240 Series SD card comes with full BOM Control and is built with Stringent Quality Processes. Cactus Technologies incorporates World Class ECC, Wear Leveling and Defect Management into the 240 Series SD card, making it a very reliable MLC based SD card. Custom Labeling, Custom ID and Preloaded Content are available based on customer requirements (see Custom Features).


4GB - 128GB
Memory type
Endurance cycles
MTBF (Hours)
1-2 Million
2 Years
Standard temperature
-25°C to 85°C
Extended temperature
-40°C to 85°C
Sequential read
Sequential write
SMART feature


  • Industry Standard SDA Version up to 3.0
  • Card Capacities 4GB to 128GB
  • Supports SPI Mode
  • Voltage Range: 2.7V – 3.6V
  • Unique Electronic Serial Card ID
  • Sustained Reads up to 80MB/sec
  • Sustained Writes up to 40MB/sec
  • Solid State Design With No Moving Part
  • Zero dB Noise
  • 1-2 Million Hour MTBF
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 2 Year Warranty

Cactus Part Numbers

The 240 Series SD Card matches the these part numbers. If you are interested in any of these part numbers, please Contact a Cactus Expert.

  • KS128GR-240
  • KS128GRI-240
  • KS16GR-240
  • KS16GRI-240
  • KS32GR-240
  • KS32GRI-240
  • KS4GR-240
  • KS4GRI-240
  • KS64GR-240
  • KS64GRI-240
  • KS8GR-240
  • KS8GRI-240