Product Lines

Cactus Technologies Limited designs, manufactures and markets Industrial Grade and Commercial Grade Flash Storage Solutions in a number of different forms factors meeting the needs of Industrial and OEM Customers Worldwide. Our Industrial Grade solutions have the highest specifications for Ruggedness, Temperature, Altitude, Endurance and many other areas demanded by military, medical, manufacturing, industrial and other applications. Industrial Grade products use only SLC (Single Level Cell) NAND flash memory for the highest endurance, performance and reliability.

Commercial Grade products are based on MLC (Multi Level Cell) NAND flash memory and offer a cost effective solution required by budget limited applications. The Commercial Grade offering is adequate for many applications but customers should seek the higher reliability and endurance of our Industrial Grade offering for applications running Operating Systems, requiring high endurance cycles or being operated in extreme environments.

Form Factors Offered

CompactFlash (CF)

The CF card is an industry standard established in 1994 with specifications managed by the CompactFlash Association. Cactus Technologies Ltd. is a member of the CFA and our cards work in any CF compliant host system, while offering an Industrial Grade product that significantly exceeds specs for the most challenging demands of our industrial customer base. Cactus also offers a cost effective solution with our Commercial Grade offering.

Solid State Disks (SSD)

Cactus Technologies develops and manufactures both Parallel ATA (PATA/IDE) and Serial ATA (SATA) Solid State Disks. PATA devices are available in the Industrial Grade only in both the 2.5" and 1.8" form factor and are drop in replacements for rotating hard disk drives with the reliability, ruggedness, power and performance benefits of solid state memory. SATA devices are available in both an Industrial Grade and Commercial Grade variety. As with our other products, the Cactus Industrial Grade SSDs maintain the highest level of specs in the industry and the Cactus Commercial Grade offers a cost effective solution for non-mission critical applications.

IDE Disk-On-Module (DOM)

The DOM form factor is for customers that want a very small Solid State Disk that connects directly to the IDE connector on most notebooks, desktops and single board computers. We offer both 40 and 44-pin versions to fit most OEM applications. Capacities are smaller due to the limited space for components, but we are able to maintain our industry leading specifications with the DOM.

PC Card (PCMCIA ATA Memory Cards)

The PC Card has been in its current 68-pin form factor since 1991 with the specification originally managed by the PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) Association. Over the years many customer applications have migrated to the CF form factor due to its smaller size and similar functionality as the PC Card. The principal customers of PC Cards today are companies with legacy systems already designed with this form. Cactus offers PC Cards in the Industrial Grade format.

SD, microSD and SDChip

The SD Card standard was established by the SD Association in January 2000. The SD Card offers a high speed serial interface in a smaller form factor and the microSD form factor has the same performance in an even smaller size. Cactus Technologies offers an Industrial Grade SD card, microSD and SDChip versions that meets the needs of high endurance, mission critical applications and a Commercial Grade SD card for cost effective use in low endurance, non-mission critical applications.

USB Flash Drive & USB Disk-On-Module

The USB Flash Drive offers a high speed serial interface in a small form factor. The USB Disk-On-Module, also known as eUSB, is a 10-pin module intended for embedded USB applications. Cactus Technologies offers an Industrial Grade USB Flash Drive and USB Disk-On-Module versions to meet the needs of high endurance, mission critical applications.