The Cactus Technologies executive team has been deeply involved in the embedded flash storage device market since the early days. We are proud of our heritage and contributions made to create what is today a mainstream business. Below are some key dates for the flash storage industry and for Cactus specifically:


SanDisk, originally incorporated as SunDisk, was founded with the express focus to create flash storage devices with a standard interface to allow for ease of host design and transportability. This differed from the existing method requiring a special host driver for each different memory configuration.


Joseph Chang, Cactus Technologies VP Engineering, leads design team to develop first single chip flash card controller enabling the CompactFlash card. While commonplace today, prior controller architectures required multiple components limited how small a card could be made.


CompactFlash Association founded by a group of companies, lead by SanDisk and is the controlling body of the CompactFlash specification.


SD Card Association founded by Toshiba, SanDisk and Panasonic to launch and promote the SD Card standard and future derivatives thereof. They are the controlling body of the SD specification.


Sensing a need in the marketplace, Sai-Ying Ng teams up with Joseph Chang and launches Cactus Technologies Limited. The Cactus name was originally meant to represent multiple offshoots into different businesses. But, early and continued success in our initial Industrial Grade Flash Storage endeavor negated any need to consider other businesses.

SD Card Association approves specification for the microSD card which was initially created by SanDisk as TransFlash.

Cactus Technologies launches first product offering - an Industrial Grade CompactFlash card.


Cactus Technologies establishes European Distribution and Sales Channels and launches Industrial Grade PC Card and 2.5" IDE Flash Drives


Cactus USA formed as a partnership between Tom Aguillon and Steve Larrivee to develop and manage the Americas, business for Cactus Technologies Limited.

Cactus Technologies releases Industrial Grade IDE Disk-On-Modules and SD Card products.


Cactus Technologies launches 303 Series of Industrial Grade CompactFlash, 1.8" & 2.5" IDE Flash Drives, IDE Disk-On-Modules and SDChip.


Cactus Technologies launches 602 Series Industrial Grade 2.5" SATA II SSD and Standard Grade (MLC) SD Card and 2.5" SATA II SSD.

Based on customer demand, Cactus Technologies releases 303 Pro Series, including physical write protect switch versions, which offers a wide array of erasure, security and write protect features.


Cactus Technologies launches Commercial Grade Series.


Cactus Technologies launches 806 Series Industrial Grade SD card and SDChip as well as 700S Series 2.5” SATA II SSD and additional 602S Series SATA devices.


Cactus Technologies launches 803M Series Industrial Grade microSD card and broadens our line of physical write protect switch offerings to CFast.

Cactus begins shipping production volumes into automotive market.


Cactus Technologies launches 503 Series Industrial Grade CF and 2.5” IDE SSD and a new 900S Series Industrial Grade SATA II offering in several form factors.


Cactus Technologies launches 220 & 220S Series Commercial Grade CF, SD and multiple SATA II interface form factors.

Cactus introduces and begins shipments of 910S & 230S Series Industrial and Commercial Grade 2.5" SATA III SSD.


Cactus Technologies has 10 year anniversary!!