Cactus Technologies OEM Grade mSATA products are high performance flash storage devices based on Pseudo-SLC NAND which gives them >6 times the endurance of Commercial Grade mSATA. They are intended for applications which demand extremely high performance and medium endurance in a rugged embedded foot print guaranteed to MIL-810 Standard shock and vibration.

The Cactus mSATA (aka Mini-SATA and MO-300) products are designed to the industry standard JEDEC MO300B and SATA-IO group’s specifications.

OEM Grade pSLC mSATA SSD have >6 times more endurance cycles than Commercial Grade products based on MLC NAND. Pseudo-SLC products should be used in applications which require better endurance, error rates and data retention than the Commercial Grade MLC mSATA. The Pseudo-SLC Overview white paper gives a detailed overview of this technology.

For OEMs requiring the highest level of reliability and endurance, Cactus offers Industrial Grade products to meet the most demanding applications in the harshest environments.

For designers who would like more information which flash storage device is right for their systems, please contact a Cactus expert.

mSATA Features

  • High performance, better than Commercial, flash storage in industry standard mSATA form factor
  • Ideal embedded flash solution for high performance, medium endurance applications

mSATA to 2.5" SATA Adapter for Development

To ease an OEM's design efforts of Cactus mSATA industrial into their system, Cactus created the mSATA to 2.5" SATA Adapter.

The Adapter has a mSATA connector and mounting on the PCB and converts the signals to the standard 2.5" SATA connector found on most SSD. Many designers find it useful to use the final memory storage device even while developing on a different platform.

This is only meant for development of Cactus mSATA (MO-300 Industrial) devices and is not available as a production product. Please contact Cactus if you need specific details regarding this adapter.