Commercial Grade mSATA

Cactus Technologies Commercial Grade mSATA SSD drive are reliable, cost effective flash storage devices, based on MLC NAND. They are intended for applications which demand very high performance in a rugged small foot print form factor guaranteed to MIL-810 Standard shock and vibration.

The best mSATA SSD is one that meets the OEM's application requirements for reliability and longenvity while providing a price point which doesn't throw the project over budget. MSATA drives have a physical size of 50.8 x 29.85mm making them a great solution for small form factor designs.

The Cactus MLC mSATA (aka miniSATA) drive are designed to industry standard JEDEC MO-300B and SATA-IO group’s specifications with life cycles in the 18-24 month range. For longer life cycle OEM system requirements, Cactus can review the application with the OEM and possibly extend this life cycle range. These MLC mSATA Modules have Locked BOM (Bill-Of-Material) signifying there will be no changes to controller silicon, NAND silicon or firmware without notification.

If a substantially higher endurance, wider operating temperature range or longer life cycle product than the MLC mSATA is needed, Cactus also offers Industrial Grade mSATA products.

mSATA Features

  • Reliable, cost-effective embedded SATA flash storage solution
  • Rugged industry standard mSATA form factor

mSATA to 2.5" SATA Adatper for Development

To ease an OEM's design efforts of Cactus mSATA solid state drive into their system, Cactus created the mSATA to 2.5" SATA Adapter.

The Adapter has a mSATA connector and mounting on the PCB and converts the signals to the standard 2.5" SATA connector found on most SSD. Many designers find it useful to use the final memory storage device even while developing on a different platform.

This is only meant for development of Cactus SSD mSATA form factor devices and is not available as a production product. Please contact Cactus if you need specific details regarding this adapter.

The Best mSATA Drive for your Application?

The best mSATA SSD Drive for your application depends on the requirements of your application. For applications with extremely high write cycles it would be a good idea to investigate Industrial mSATA based on the higher reliability and costly SLC NAND.

mSATA Solid State Drive based on MLC NAND, such as the Cactus Commercial Grade offering on this page, are suited for applications where there is a well understood number of write endurance cycles. Based on a defined number of endurance cycles, a thorough accelerated life qualification can be performed on the MLC mSATA to ensure it is the right part for the right application.

Many OEMs have found the MLC NAND based Commercial Grade mSATA to meet the needs of their system. Please contact us if you would like a thorough analysis of your OEM Embedded System design.

What to do if MLC mSATA is not sufficient for your Application?

If after thorough testing it is determined there is a need for a higher endurance mSATA product, there is a much higher reliability SLC mSATA available. These Industrial mSATA are overkill in some applications, but when extreme write cycle endurance, best in class write abort protection and longest life cycles are necessities, they are a must.