Provided Reliability for Polycom

Highly reliable and long life cycle Cactus products allowed Polycom to avoid costly regression testing required by more commercial focused flash storage products. We have delivered over 200,000 cards without a reported failure.

The Challenge

Polycom was struggling to find a Compact Flash supplier offering a reliable solution with long life BOM control. This was needed to avoid their costly and time intensive regression testing needed to qualify any changes to the system or components.

Product Needed

The Cactus Technologies 303 Series Compact Flash offered a highly reliable industrial grade embedded flash storage solution with a long life BOM. Once initial regression testing was completed, the BOM of the Cactus card was locked to prevent addition testing requirements.

Why They Chose Cactus

Cactus was chosen due to our commitment to the industrial grade market and to truly holding the BOM constant without any changes.

We delivered because of our:

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