Customized Cactus Part Solves Customer Storage Issue

The Cactus team is well versed in OEM requirements. In many cases, a standard part will not meet a specific need and customization is required.

The Challenge

An OEM required an Industrial Grade SD Card for a medical application which needed a custom label, custom ID of the OEM and a much lower power usage than available on the standard part.

Product Needed

The Cactus Technologies 806 Series card was able to be modified with labeling, configuration and custom firmware to meet the OEM’s desired needs. In addition to creating this customized part, Cactus is able to support this configuration for this customer for more than 5 years.

Why They Chose Cactus

Cactus was chosen since we offered a long life cycle product that met the OEM’s custom requirements to every detail.

We delivered because of our: