CompactFlash Write Protection Switch Solves Problems

A Physical Write Protect Switch on specific models of the Cactus Compact Flash and CFast products allows OEMs to load data and not risk having it overwritten thereafter.

The Challenge

An OEM required an embedded Compact Flash storage device which they could load with their operating system and application at time of manufacture, then no longer allow content to be altered.

Product Needed

The Cactus Technologies 303 Series Compact Flash card with Physical Write Protect Switch (-WP1) allowed the customer to load content when manufactured and then guarantee the content was no longer able to be changed.

Why They Chose Cactus

Cactus was chosen since we met the needs of preventing writes to the Compact Flash once loaded with desired content. We were also able to customize the firmware in such a way to exactly meet the OEM’s needs.

We delivered because of our:

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